Bojana Vojinovic

Bojana and Jason

I will never forget my Maui fitness vacation in 2007. It was a perfect blend of vacationing in heaven and investing in my fitness knowledge and overall well-being by learning from the best - Marjo! She showed me how to get to the next level of my training, and inspired me to reflect this attitude of improvement and growth to all other parts of my life. I believe in healthy lifestyle and investing in my healthy future, and Marjo was a wonderful mentor and friend helping me achieve just that.

My boyfriend and I live near Chicago and our lives can get pretty busy with full time jobs and other obligations. We also have a commitment to our health and we make sure that we dedicate enough time to workout and eat healthy. Our vacations are short and precious, which is why I contacted Marjo to make sure she will be available during our Maui vacation. I learned about her from a workout book and I was impressed with her achievements and everything I read about her. I knew that I had a lot to learn, and I believe in learning from the best .

From the first moment I met Marjo and had our first training session, I was ready to learn from her. Her energy was contagious and she helped me to realize my potential and achieve my goals in a safe and most efficient way that is appropriate for my body. Now I understand the importance of proper form and safety and how a smart exercise program and a healthy diet can help us develop our strength and maintain our health for the rest of our life. Marjo taught me that a healthy lifestyle is easy to learn and stays with you forever. It becomes a part of you and a source of your personal strength and confidence that never goes away.

A year after my training with Marjo, I competed in The 2008 ABA Natural North America Bodybuilding competition. I had a lot of fun competing and made my family and myself proud. While preparing for it, Marjoʼs advice kept me strong and enabled me to push myself hard even when my energy was low. Not bad for a skinny, 6-foot tall, vegetarian!

Positive energy is contagious, so my boyfriend also worked out with Hannu and loved it! We both had a great time with Marjo and Hannu and they made the tough workouts a fun experience!

Thank you both, Marjo and Hannu!!! We had a great time and we will be coming for more!

Bojana Vojinovic


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