Wendy Moreton

September 29th is a day of celebration in the Moreton household. It was on that date in 2000 that our lives changed forever. We joined the REPS Ohana.

Maui Personal fitness trainingI had already started my weight loss program and knew that exercise was a necessary part of that program. I was, however, uncomfortable with the idea of going to a gym as I was embarrassed about my appearance. Friends convinced me that Marjo and Hannu were the perfect answer for my needs. Colin and I went to the gym, did an intro workout and SIGNED UP, and little did we know how our lives would change.

Wow!!!!! What wonderful changes have taken place. I walk into the gym today with my head held high and feeling really good about myself. It has been a combination of things that have taken off the 110 pounds. Working out , spinning, yoga/pilates, and last but certainly not least my eating program.  It is truly a combination of all of these that have changed my lifestyle. I feel that word is over used but it is true??

IT IS A LIFESTYLE and one that I embrace right now.

Thank you Marjo and Hannu. I could not have done this without your guidance and encouragement. Coming to REPS everyday is a pleasure and something that I look forward to doing. Thank you to the REPS Ohana, you have been the BEST rooting section anyone could ask for. My biggest thanks go to my husband, Colin, who never gave up on me and has been by my side for 43 years.

Lots of Love & Aloha,
Wendy Moreton


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