REPS Training & Fitness Center reviews and testimonials

“The instant that I book a visit to Maui I call Marjo to schedule a series of personal training sessions. When I arrive at the studio I pick up with Mark exactly where we left off, and he keeps me strong, motivated and inspired. Everyone is friendly, professional and highly qualified. Thank you, REPS, for making it easy to stay fit on vacation and always welcoming me as part of your Ohana!”

Sue Jacques, The Civility CEO™
Calgary, AB, Canada

Tamar“As a former athlete training is a way of life for me. I love training with Marjo because she understands my competitive nature and will push me hard, yet she’s knowledgeable about my old injuries and health issues, and keeps me safe. It’s the perfect combination. She’s also great at mixing up the workouts to keep me challenged, incorporating traditional weight training with Pilates and other core strengthening exercises. …Marjo worked with me throughout my cancer treatment, designing the workouts to match my level of energy from day to day. I’m convinced that training with her helped me tolerate the chemo better than most…. If I’m going to be in the gym every day I want it to be fun.

 I look forward to training with Marjo.”

“Hi Marjo,
It was great to work out with you again on your lovely island of Maui. You are an excellent trainer and an inspiration! I really like the way you explain the exercises in detail and how you keep a very close eye on my form. I've already incorporated several of your exercises into my routine and I've been showing my friends the single arm cable row on one leg exercise ~ its really great (fun and challenging, too)!

Thanks for helping re-energize my workouts. I've been inspired to set a few new fitness / workout goals and will work with my trainer in Chicago to achieve them.

Thanks again for the great workouts. Thanks also for the complimentary Pilates mat class (I learned a lot).”

My boyfriend and I live near Chicago and our lives can get pretty busy with full time jobs and other obligations. We also have a commitment to our health and we make sure that we dedicate enough time to workout and eat healthy. Our vacations are short and precious, which is why I contacted Marjo to make sure she will be available during our Maui vacation.

From the first moment I met Marjo and had our first training session, I was ready to learn from her. Her energy was contagious and she helped me to realize my potential and achieve my goals in a safe and most efficient way that is appropriate for my body.


“September 29th is a day of celebration in the Moreton household. It was on that date in 2000 that our lives changed forever. We joined the REPS Ohana.

I had already started my weight loss program and knew that exercise was a necessary part of that program. I was, however, uncomfortable with the idea of going to a gym as I was embarrassed about my appearance. Friends convinced me that Marjo and Hannu were the perfect answer for my needs. Colin and I went to the gym, did an intro workout and signed up, and little did we know how our lives would change.


“You'll never have a more personalized and professional workout anywhere. Marjo and Hannu are the best!”

Bob & Kay L.

“I met Marjo when I was three months pregnant and now from that time on I've worked out with her almost until my due date. I had fun watching my belly grow and my whole body getting stronger and toned as never before. Thank you, Marjo!”

Patricia G.

“Since training at REPS I've achieved dramatic gains in my overall fitness, appearance, and stress control. we on Maui are fortunate to have the world class expertise and experience Marjo & Hannu offer.

Gregory Park, MD

“Dear Hannu and Marjo,

I want to thank you for being so instrumental in my winning the Wailea Men's Golf Championship last month. There is no doubt that the four weeks of strength and flexibility training I received under your guidance at REPS, prior to the Championship, was the most significant change in my life and the reason I was victorious.

I believed in our philosophy regarding body development and how it would not only improve my golf game, but my total physical well being and longevity of life. I was surprised at how quickly the training program produced positive results for me.

Your formula (Strength + Flexibility = Speed, combined with your expert personal training techniques, nutritional balance guidance and your clever motivational skills, is surely the answer to any client's success.

I regained youthful energy, self-esteem and the confidence I needed to compete at tournament level. I have never felt better. My golf game has been great and I am driving the ball 20 yards further off the tee.

In Hannu's own words. "It's unbelievable".

Thank you again. My best wishes to you and all the Staff. You were all inspirational. I really enjoyed my workouts with you and I cannot wait to get back to Maui to continue.

‘Mr. Potential’
Tony K.

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