Hannu Selin

hannu selinHannu Selin has been weight training for over 40 years, and has competed in Olympic weight lifting, power lifting, and bodybuilding. He started lifting weights at age 12 in 1968. In 1988 he received his personal training certification from Body Zone Fitness Specialist, Inc. in Washington D.C.

Hannu has a strong interest in anti-aging, and believes that together with medical breakthroughs (stem cells etc.) and nutrition and exercise a person can live a long, healthy, strong life well beyond their 80s and 90s! He is a member of Life Extension Foundation.

Hannu has helped numerous contestants compete and win in bodybuilding competitions. He himself won the Big Island Bodybuilding Classic in July 1994, the Masters 40+ Overall title at the Paradise Cup in Honolulu in November 1997, the Overall Masters 35+ Hawaii State title in June, 2002, and most recently, Mr. Finland Masters Men 50+, September 2007. Hannu also reached Top Five in N.P.C. USA Nationals Men 50+ in July 2009.

Hannu has been featured in countless international bodybuilding magazines. Robert Kennedy's legendary MuscleMag International had a 7-page feature on Hannu in July 1989:

“Hannu is the friendliest son-of-a-gun you'll ever meet. He is constantly joking but never tells jokes. He muses about life with a wide-eyed innocence. People find his warmth comforting and his demeanor non-threatening. Above all, he loves to train. He lives for bodybuilding.”

For a time, Hannu also penned a nutritional column for the same magazine called PowerChow. Below are a few of his favorite recipes, available to download as pdf's.

Hannu is an expert with gym equipment. He has designed both residential and commercial fitness facilities, including a home gym in Kaanapali for Mr. Falk, the owner of Valley Isle Motors and Lexus Beverly Hills dealerships, a corporate fitness center for Dowling Co. in Wailuku, and the exercise room at Wailea Beach Villas luxury condominium complex in Wailea.

Together, Hannu and his wife Marjo, worked for Maui's luxurious Grand Wailea Resort, Hotel & Spa, where they trained with such well-known personalities as Sharon Stone, Geena Davis, Donatella Versace, Michael J. Fox, DB Sweeney, Kathy Lee Crosby, Courtney Cox, Halle Berry, movie producers Larry Gordon and Don Simpson and music stars Niki Sixx, Paul Stanley and David Murray.

He and his wife currently own and operate REPS Fitness & Training Center on the island of Maui, Hawaii.


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