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Spinning ® (Official site)
The global leader in indoor cycling, offering certification, fitness training and education, SPIN®, stationary Spinner® bikes, equipment, apparel, video/DVD workouts and music.

STOTT Pilates ® (Official site)
The largest full-service organization in the world providing cutting-edge Pilates education, Pilates equipment, and Pilates DVDs. Your one-stop-shop for quality mind-body fitness. Experience Pilates for a lifetime with us.

Carla Dunlap Mind & Body Personal Training
Carla Dunlap Kaan, PFS has been in the field of fitness 30 years.

Online Tools for Top Health:

Life Extension Foundation
The largest organization of its kind in the world, the Life Extension Foundation has always been at the forefront of discovering new scientific breakthroughs for use in developing novel disease prevention and treatment protocols to improve the quality and length of human life.

Harvard Medical Newsletter
The Harvard Health Letter puts you in closer touch with everything that’s happening right now in the ever changing field of medicine. New prevention strategies. New diagnostic techniques. New medications and treatments. Every issue focuses on how these developments can help you live a longer and healthier life.

Heart Rate Training Zone
Determine your heart rate training zones at www.ottawarun.com. You'll receive an automatic calculation, either just based on your age or a combination of your age with Karvonen Method (based on your tested Maximum and Resting Heart Rates).

Other Maui Resources

Maui Food Bank
Hunger is a solvable problem. You can be part of the solution. Join us in helping the hungry living in our island ohana. Contact the Maui Food Bank at 808-243-9500.


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